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Our Team

Our team
Yehoshua Maor,
PhD, CEO and CTO

Dr. Yehoshua Maor completed his graduate studies at the Hebrew University. He then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Harvard Institutes of Medicine before shifting his career back to Israel where he became the coordinator of the Hebrew University Center of Excellence in Agriculture and Environmental Health.

With a wide range of knowledge in multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary areas, Dr. Maor's expertise include medicinal, organic and analytical chemistry, cannabinoids, pharmacology, toxicology and environmental health.

Dr. Maor is currently the CEO and CTO of a new start up company Resorcix Ltd., a life sciences company developing solutions for the microbiology challenges of the food industry.

Hanna Kohane,
M.Sc. Chemistry Department Head


Hanna Kohane graduated with a masters degree in chemical engineer from the National Superior School of Chemical 

Industries (ENSIC) in Nancy in France. Particularly interested in organic chemistry, she also completed a master degree at the University of Strasbourg in France in molecular and supramolecular chemistry.

This double degree allowed her to develop skills in the conception and the design of a product  with specific use properties on small and large scale.


In Resorcix Ltd. she is in charge of the Chemistry Department

Lior Sinai is the R&D head in Resorcix Ltd. He completed his Ph.D. at the Hebrew University in microbiology and molecular genetics under the supervision of Prof. Sigal Ben-Yehuda.


His research focused on germination of the resilient bacterial dormant spores. In recognition of his dogma changing discovery that protein synthesis is required for spore germination, he was awarded the 2015 Prof. Nili Rubinowitz-Grossman Prize for outstanding young scientists by the Israel Society for Microbiology.


In Resorcix Ltd, Lior is leading a project concerning the growing problem of fruit juices spoilage by bacterial spores. His group found a plant based natural compounds that kill the spores which cause juice spoilage.

Lior Sinai,

PhD, R&D Head


Advisory board

Dr. Jonathan Gorelick
Scientific Manager at Judea Regional research and development center
Yosef P. Glassman, MD 
 Director of Hospitalist Medicine at Martha's Vineyard Hospital
Advisory board
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