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Resorcix Ltd. is a life sciences company specialized in providing solutions and product development to the growing challenge of bacteria in the food industry. 
There have been relatively few instances of food poisoning in fruit juices or soft drinks, but microbial spoilage is very common, leading to considerable financial losses for the food industry.The concept of a natural based anti-spore forming bacteria agent, came after the team screened several plant extracts known by their biological activity mainly as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. However, these extracts had never been tested on food spoiling bacteria, the more so on the spore forming bacteria, since they represent a real problem for the food industry.
After conducting several microbiology experiments, the team microbiology expert Lior Sinai detected the strong activity of the natural compound and the team proceeded to isolate the fraction and characterize the natural chemical agents causing this biological activity against spore-forming bacteria, especially Alicyclobacillus spp, and at the same time utilizing techniques to improve the organoleptic properties of the proposed product.
The raw plant material used in Resorcix project is listed in the EAFUS (Everything Added to Food in the US) list, which represents a tremendous advantage for market penetration once the research and intellectual property issues have been completed. It is noteworthy that no antibacterial agent may be added to food. However, since the plant material is permitted as a food additive, the market penetration especially in the US, the leading world market for fruit beverage, is expected to enter a fast track and rapidly reach its share in this 12 billion USD market.

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